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Award-winning author and speaker Marjorie Hodgson Parker has written five books for young readers as well as two devotional books: "Shaken to the Core (And Finding God's Strength)," and her new book "Beyond the Banks of Frog Creek (40 days of devotions for times of painful change) for adults. She co-wrote, along with friend and sorority sister Ann Farmer Manning, the lyrics to a Christmas children's musical, "THE Child is Born," which is out in DVD. She has created devotionals for Daily Guideposts and has authored articles and stories in magazines and newspapers.

“My favorite writing is based on truth – whether it’s true life stories or the truth of Scripture,” she says. Born in Ft. Worth, Texas, in 1951, Marjorie’s interest in writing began in elementary school, when she and friends created a neighborhood newspaper, “The Crestwood Poop,” and sold it door-to-door. Teachers encouraged her poetry and other writing, and after majoring in journalism at Texas Tech University, Marjorie graduated and married her college sweetheart, Joe Parker, Jr., in l973. Settling into life on Joe’s family’s ranch near the Red River in North Central Texas, she began her free-lance writing career, soon selling her first short fiction about country life to Country Gentleman magazine.

“Becoming a published author is a journey of learning and sacrifice, but to those with a passion for it, it’s a joyful trip,” she says. “My goal is to entertain, encourage and teach readers of all ages, bringing to life history, God's word, and stories that might be lost if someone didn’t capture them in print.”